Title Transfer Refund
The Title Transfer Refund scheme is designed to provide our clients with a loyalty incentive and ensure prompt payment of Title Transfer Invoices (within 14 days), enabling us to transfer legal title in the equipment to you, the client.
If the Title transfer invoice is paid into our bank account within 14 days of the invoice date, Snowbird Finance will discount the next agreement (by the amount of the Title Transfer Agreement) taken out with us under the following conditions:
  • The next agreement is defined as a new enquiry received by Snowbird after the date of the Title Transfer Invoice.
  • The refund is applied at the point of signing the next agreement, which must occur within 12 months of the Title Transfer invoice date
  • Only one refund may be applied against any 1 agreement in chronological order.
  • The new agreement value must be a minimum of £10,000 excluding VAT
Snowbird Finance reserves the right to amend or change this scheme at any time.