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Many customers are unaware that they can obtain leasing from a supplier, and instead make their own finance arrangements, pay cash, or find another supplier who does offer leasing.

Offering finance is a great way to add value and can be used to close more opportunities or identify those who are serious about a solution. By offering a leasing option, customers are no longer focusing on the cost of the product, but rather on the budget they have available each month or quarter, which can result in increased orders.

Leasing can also be used to move away from transactional engagements and discuss clients longterm investment plans. It is advisable for suppliers to work with a partner and expert in the field, to make the process simpler and quicker.

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Sales aid finance is an effective way to help your customers, we work closely with your salesforce and provide training  allowing them to speak confidently about the the benefits of using finance to purchase the their equipment. Our team are here to help, should the customer need any additional information and put the customer proposal forward to the lender and get the approval for you.

Benefits to your customer

Help your customers purchase the equipment they want by providing them with a number of finance options. Our team of experts will work with your customers to help them get the equipment they want, removing any financial barriers and allowing them to acquire the equipment when they need it.

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