Maximising Financial Flexibility: The Benefits of Monthly Instalments for Your Tax Bill

Navigating tax season stress-free is possible! Splitting your tax bill into monthly instalments is a game-changer, bringing financial stability and peace of mind for individuals and businesses. Improved Cash Flow Management: Enhanced cash flow management is a key benefit of choosing monthly tax instalments. By breaking down your payments into smaller monthly amounts, facilitating

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ADAM delighted to partner with Snowbird Finance

The Association of Dental Administrators and Managers (ADAM) is delighted that Snowbird Finance has announced it is partnering with ADAM to support and advise Practice Managers through the finance solutions they offer to dentists, dental practices, and dental patients. Snowbird Finance is a specialist credit broker to the dental industry, built up over the years

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Don’t stress about clawback – Get funded and focus on your patients

Dental practices in England and Wales are facing record-high clawback payments this year. Clawback is a financial penalty that is imposed on practices that do not meet their contracted targets for Units of Dental Activity (UDAs). The NHS clawback policy is designed to ensure that dental practices deliver the agreed level of care to

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Bring your tax in line with your monthly business expenditure

We have been providing tax loan funding facilities for healthcare professionals for over 15 years. We offer low-rate financing and flexible repayment terms through our panel of funders, so you can easily and effectively manage your tax liabilities as a monthly business expense. With our tax funding facilities, you can say goodbye to setting

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