Looking to ease the pressure on your cash flow? Need immediate access to funds to help cover practice expenses?

Cashflow finance in the form of a short-term unsecured loan, can offer financial relief while you’re waiting for money to come into the business from elsewhere.

The loan is usually reliant on the future cashflows of the company to ensure repayment of the loan, this can affect how much the lender may be willing to lend. Cashflow lending benefits businesses that find themselves in short supply of working capital.  Unlike asset based loans, lenders are less concerned with the value of physical assets on your business’ balance sheets.

Easing the pressure on your cashflow

What we can offer

Why would you need cashflow finance

Cashflow lending is generally used to help finance working capital in order to maintain day-to-day operations. The loan itself is usually unsecured and can be used to cover daily operations such as paying bills, rent, training employees and for paying employees.

This type of  lending hugely benefits businesses that find themselves in short supply of working capital. For seasonal businesses, it can be particularly tough maintaining a healthy flow of cash during quieter periods.

Whilst sales may fluctuate, and decline during certain periods of the year, business costs remain consistent. This type of finance is ideal when a business needs an injection of emergency cash.

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