What is Optilease

Until now, when arranging finance for equipment and refits you had to choose between having 100% Tax Relief in the 1st year or protecting your VAT de Minimis. Now you can have the best of both worlds, through our OPTILEASE solution

OPTILEASE is designed specifically for Opticians and optimises your tax relief,  Giving you 100% Tax Relief in the 1st year AND protecting your important VAT de Minimis position.

Spreading the cost of your VAT is critical when running your Optical business, one purchase could easily exceed your VAT threshold.

How can Optilease help my practice

For the last 6 years Snowbird Finance has been providing Opticians with an OPTILEASE Solution Opticians can:

  • Claim 100% Capital Allowance in the 1st Year
  • Own the equipment at the end of the term
  • Fixed rates of up to 7 Years
  • Optimises Tax Relief
  • Spread the VAT over the term of the agreement – Protecting their VAT de Minimis position

How can I find out more about Optilease?

If you are an Optician and would  like to find out more information about how Optilease contact us today.