Snowbird Finance Appoints Business Development Director

Snowbird Finance Ltd are pleased to announce the appointment of Kevin Green as Business Development Director.

Kevin brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience from the finance world and...



'All my bills arrived at the same time - holiday, professional indemnity, tax - but with just one phone call to Snowbird Finance, I got a loan for everything pretty much straight away. Great to be able to get things organised so quickly and now I can just pay it all off monthly so it's not such a drain on my wallet'


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The majority of optical businesses operate with the 'de minimis' system which allows opticians to claim back VAT on the purchase of exempt equipment and the recoverable tax on residual non-attributable purchases of up to, but not exceeding £625 a month, £1,875 a quarter or £7,500 a year.

By spreading the VAT you can reduce the risk of exceeding (and thereby compromising) your VAT de minimis limit.

Please contact us to talk about your individual VAT circumstances.

Download our Practical Guide to VAT de minimis here

You have sole responsbility for the management of your tax and legal affairs. We recommend that you obtain your own independent tax and legal advice tailored to your individual circumstances. Snowbird Finance does not provide tax or legal advice.